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2023 Ferne Haul-iday Gift Guide

We're here to make your holiday shopping easier! Check out our 2023 Haul-iday gift guide, curated with ideas for everyone on your list.

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  1. OB Heart Bracelet
  2. OB Worthy Bracelet
  3. OB Dog Mom Bracelet
  4. The Great Indoors Playing Cards
  5. Jumbo Velvet Journal- Zodiac
  6. Jumbo Velvet Journal- Matisse
  7. Frosted Eucalyptus & Pine Candle
  8. Tart Cranberry & Orange Zest Candle
  9. Pistachio Cream & Honey Candle
  10. Michigan Light Blue Crewneck
  11. Blue Spruce and Cypress Candle
  12. Powerhouse Necklace
  13. Wine Wash Co. Biodegradable Dish Cloth
  14. OB Strong Bracelet
  15. OB Good Vibes Bracelet
  16. OB Boy Mom Bracelet
  17. OB Girl Mom Bracelet
  18. OB Auntie Bracelet