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Local Business Highlight: Behold Brows + Detroit Beauty Collective

This weeks feature is about all things beauty. A little self care is always a good idea. Are you looking for killer brows or lashes? If so, do yourself a favor and keep reading to learn more about this local business.

 Are you looking to get the perfect brows? This weeks highlight can make that happen for you! Brittany is an "artist" who will make your brow dreams come true. Or are you in the beauty industry and looking for guidance or even a possible career? Let's take a look at how Brittany can help you!


Let's get to know Brittany

After spending several years working as a corporate, small business, and inbound marketing consultant, I found that punching the clock was not for me. I slowly began considering alternative options, and randomly came across microblading, which piqued my interest as a detail-oriented person with a knack for beauty. Not long after receiving my certification, and pouring every minute outside of my 9-5 into learning the skill, I realized I not only liked what I was doing, but was good at it! Thus, Behold Brows was born. Throughout the process of building the business and brand, I recognized and took note of a litany of gaps surrounding the beauty industry. These disparities would later lead to the development of Detroit Beauty Collective, my second company, through which we provide resources and business development for beauty industry pros.

Why did she start her business?

As a creative who spent the beginning of my career creating for others, I started Behold Brows as both a creative outlet and means of gaining autonomy. DBC, on the other hand, is more of an outward facing, community initiative aimed at the progression of artists, as well as the industry as a whole.



Where Behold Brows is located, and what they have to offer

We currently have two locations: Detroit (Midtown) and Clarkston. I personally offer both Microblading, Lip Blushing, and Brow Lamination. Although, DBC has a resident lash artist, and is currently seeking both a makeup artist, and natural nail tech. Behold also offers training for all of our service offerings. Book your appointment right on their site.


What is the most rewarding part of Brittany's work?

My favorite part of the business is synonymous with the most rewarding part, which is instilling heightened confidence in people. Whether the result of a service, continued education, or mentorship, there's nothing better than seeing someone love and believe in themselves even the slightest bit more than when initially meeting them.


What she has learned since starting her business?

Whew, I've learned an enormous amount of information, and even more lessons. The number one piece of advice I'd give anyone (not just entrepreneurs) is to focus on how far you've come rather than how far you feel you have to go. We get so caught up in long-term goals/visions that we tend to overlook accomplishments/milestones along the way. As a result, we end up stuck in a cycle of being overly critical of ourselves, doubting our abilities instead of appreciating the process, and losing motivation.

What an inspiration Brittany is, not only for her talent with brows, but for recognizing the inconsistencies in the beauty industry and creating a platform to do her part in closing the gap. If you're considering microblading, definitely head on over to the Behold Brows site to book your appointment today!


Check back next week for another Ferne styling tip.


Follow Behold Brows: @beholdbrows

Follow Detroit Beauty Collective: @detroitbeautycollective



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