Hair Accessories

Hair accessories for those days when you just want to throw your hair up and walk out the door!


Racing Hair Claw

Blue/whiteLt blue/creamPink/whiteOrange/whitePurple/whiteBlack/whiteGreen/whiteYellow/purple

Devotion Hair Claw

Tan black tortoiseBrown black tortoiseLight sage tortoiseWhite black tortoiseCream tan tortoise

Bailey Hair Claws

TortoiseLilacSky blueClearApricotGrey

Grand Prix Hair Claw


Ampersand Hair Claws

TortoiseLight tortoisePink mixBlue mixMint

LaMil Hair Clips

GreyLight tortoiseBluePink

Roots Hair Claws

Light tortoiseMochaPinkBlack and whiteCoral

Agate Hair Claws

TortoiseYellow mixWhite mix