Hair Accessories

Hair accessories for those days when you just want to throw your hair up and walk out the door!


Racing Hair Claw

Blue/whiteLt blue/creamPink/whiteOrange/whitePurple/whiteBlack/whiteGreen/whiteYellow/purple

Devotion Hair Claw

Tan black tortoiseBrown black tortoiseLight sage tortoiseWhite black tortoiseCream tan tortoise

Joanie Hair Claw

Black/whiteAnimal printChampagneBlue mixLt. tortoise

Bailey Hair Claws

TortoiseLilacSky blueClearApricotGrey

Mine Hair Claw

BlackOrangeLilacSky blueSoft pinkCamel

Grand Prix Hair Claw


Conscious Hair Claws

Off whiteOrangeLight tortoisePink/whiteBrownSoft pinkOpalBlue

Ampersand Hair Claws

TortoiseLight tortoisePink mixBlue mixMint

LaMil Hair Clips

GreyLight tortoiseBluePink

Roots Hair Claws

Light tortoiseMochaPinkBlack and whiteCoral