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Whether you're a simple babe who loves a dainty stud or you have an upcoming event that you need that WOW factor for, our earring collection has what you need!

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  1. Shameless Huggies
  2. Shameless Grande Huggies
  3. Mamma Mia Earrings
  4. Xtra Studs
  5. Powerhouse Huggies
  6. Laurel Wreath Huggie
  7. Shazam Hoops
  8. Plank Huggies
  9. Vanna Huggies
  10. Luca Earrings
  11. Dakota Earrings
  12. Jane Earrings
  13. Vada Earrings
  14. Ayden Earrings
  15. Claudia Earrings
  16. Paxton Earrings
  17. OB After Hours Mauve Over
  18. OB After Hours Walk in the Woods
  19. OB After Hours Set the Bar