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  1. OB Heart Bracelet
  2. OB Worthy Bracelet
  3. OB Dog Mom Bracelet
  4. Faux Leather Scrunchie
  5. Noelle Glossy Hair Claw
  6. Game Day Hair Claw
  7. Mega Satin Scrunchie
  8. The Great Indoors Playing Cards
  9. Jumbo Velvet Journal- Zodiac
  10. Jumbo Velvet Journal- Matisse
  11. Infinitely Iconic Bitch Card
  12. Go Wild Birthday Card
  13. Frosted Eucalyptus & Pine Candle
  14. Cinnamon & Vanilla Candle
  15. Tart Cranberry & Orange Zest Candle
  16. Pistachio Cream & Honey Candle
  17. Blue Spruce and Cypress Candle
  18. Here for the Season Scarf