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  1. OB Peace Bracelet
  2. OB Love Bracelet
  3. OB Strength Bracelet
  4. OB Brave Bracelet
  5. Press Reset Sheet Mask
  6. OB One Pride Bracelet
  7. OB Detroit Bracelet
  8. Lightning Keychain
  9. Good Vibes Keychain
  10. Be Kind Keychain
  11. The Good Fight Sheet Mask
  12. Taylor Swift - Lover Card
  13. Swiftie Friendship Bracelet Card
  14. Older Wiser Hotter Card
  15. Ken You Believe? Birthday Card
  16. Harry I Like Your Style(s) Card
  17. Happy Birthday Wine Card
  18. Espresso Martini Card
  19. Congrats Mama Card
  20. Congrats Grad Card
  21. Best "Bud" Card