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How to Find the Perfect Fit- a Private Styling Session

Let us curate a collection of styles unique to your needs and style preferences. We offer day-to-day fits, chic office wear, as well as occasion based styles. Shopping should be easy, stress-free, and fun- that's what a private styling session is all about!

Let's be honest, we all find ourselves rushing from one moment to the next with little time for ourselves. As women, I feel like our bodies are ever changing, and it isn't always easy to find styles that fit our body types. This can be discouraging and take the fun out of putting outfits together. This can snowball and lead us to forget who we are, losing our confidence, and getting us in a funk.  We want to change that! The idea behind our styling session is to offer you a space to just be in the moment, all while trying on a collection of clothing specifically curated JUST FOR YOU.

How a styling session works:

  1. Fill out a short questionnaire. We'll ask you a short series of questions before booking. Our survey is designed for us to really get to know you, and understand the fashionista that you are so your session is easy, stress-free, and fun. We'll ask about sizing- that way we have an idea on what sizes to pull for your curated collection! Of course, we can grab additional sizes during your session as needed. We ask you to describe your personal style. This helps us get to know you before your appointment so we can do our best to pull styles that match your vibe. You can even upload a screenshot of your Ferne cart on our site. We will do our best to pull the styles you have in there so you can try them on in person!

  2. Let the curating begin. This is where we get to have some fun! Once we receive your survey answers we take a look at it and get to know your beautiful self! If there is a certain event you're looking to be styled for, we will pull looks specifically for that. Based on your answers, we will go through our shops in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Bay City, Michigan to pull styles that fit "your brand"! We do our best to pull pieces that will work for your body type and personal style. However, we do try to think outside the box a little and pull styles that maybe you wouldn't pick for yourself. We want to try and get you out of your comfort zone a little and show you all the options that are out there. 

  3. Show up to your appointment to try on your collection! It's time to have some fun and have you feeling like the gorgeous babe that you are! For real though, we want you to leave your styling session feeling more confident and beautiful than ever before. You deserve it! We will guide you throughout your session and show you styles that work for your shape, and explain why some styles you try on aren't working. Our goal is to give you the confidence and foundation to take the tips you've learned and be able to style yourself for all of life's events. Don't worry, we'll always be here to guide you and answer any questions you have!


If you have an upcoming event, need help finding styles that fit your body type, or just want an excuse for a night out to treat yourself- that's what we're here for! Sign up for a private styling session today at our Michigan based boutique, or if you aren't in the Mitten, don't worry, we'd be happy to style you via a virtual appointment. Let us know what is the hardest part when it comes to styling yourself. 

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