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Local Business Highlight: Cash Color

There is nothing we love more than seeing someone crush their goals and love what they do. This weeks feature is the perfect example of that. If you love unique decor and artwork, you will definitely want to take a closer look.

This weeks local highlight features a boss babe who not only slays herself, but she lifts up and empowers other women! She creates beautiful artwork to add a special touch to your home. Let's get to know more about Caitlin and her business, Cash Color Studios.



Let's get to know Caitlin

I’ve always been fascinated by what people choose to put inside their homes. What they decide to display tells a story of who they are, what they believe, and what they feel — and it makes me so happy to imagine my artwork in their homes and becoming a part of their “décor story”.

After earning a degree in fine art and working for large brands that included Abercrombie & Fitch, Betsey Johnson, and Oscar de la Renta, I began searching for a way to create art in a way where I could actually see the customer engage with the final product once it was completed. It was these experiences that inspired me to start my own company.

Cash Color Studios officially launched in 2017, with a collection of products that featured a combination of hand-painted messages mixed with love for expressive, bright and colorful art.

My primary goal is to create original artwork for people’s homes that will bring them joy, and I feel that the Cash Color line of high-quality reproduction art prints allows more people to be able to afford this feeling in their homes.


What is the most rewarding part of Caitlin's work?

Hands down seeing people interact with the art and hearing stories of how it makes you feel once you have it in your home. It’s the reason I create.

Let's learn more about the products Caitlin offers and where she is based out of

Each art collection comes from a different source of inspiration. For example, the Figure prints all stem from my journey into and through motherhood, and all the beauty and magic that comes from a woman’s body. Each of those figures is an embodiment of the characteristics of women I know personally. I see the strengths I admire about her, the insecurities she wrestles with, or how other people view her.

Or the hope and joy of the Hand Lettering and Hand Signs collections that started from a simple ask from my sis for a peace sign. Now these prints are being used as literal symbols of hope around our beloved city that has overcome so much this year. A year into the pandemic, these prints hold so much more meaning now than they did when I first painted them.


Or the meaningful Letters from the Letter Collections (as seen in Ferne)! Each letter represents your favorite person, place or thing. It is abstract art that is incredibly personal to each individual.

Not only do I want to continue painting art that is meaningful; I also want to take advantage of this platform to use my voice to advocate and support women around me. To stand up for what I feel in my heart is right. Nobody really knows how to do this whole life thing the “right” way, but I’m going to keep trying to be empathetic towards others and towards myself (easier said than done) and to know that we’ll be a little better off because of it.

You can find my art on Or come connect with me on IG @cash.color where I do free virtual art classes and give away free art downloads! Cash Color is based out of Nashville, TN.


Caitlin's advice for other entrepreneurs

My advice — Find your 'why", don't go it alone and borrow strength from other fearless women, like Laura from Ferne! Love that boss lady.


Wow! How amazing is Caitlin and her work? She creates so many beautiful and unique pieces, each one with a special meaning and inspiration. We could stare at her work all day. Be sure to follow Cash Color on IG and check out the website for a new addition to your home.

Check back next week for another Ferne styling series.

Follow Cash Color Studios: @cash.color

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