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Local Business Highlight: Kiloh and Co

How lucky are we to live in such a beautiful state here in Michigan? Show your state pride with all the goods from this weeks feature. Let's take a closer look!

 We love our mitten state! It's full of so much beauty everywhere you look. This weeks highlight creates unique products to show off your love for Michigan! We interviewed, Amanda, owner of Kiloh and Co. Let's get to learn more about her business!


Let's get to know Amanda

Hey, I'm Amanda Adamcheck! I'm the owner of Kiloh + Co, wife, and a mom to a little one-year old and two crazy doggos! Kiloh + Co (an online apparel brand focused on MI + Game Day apparel) is actually named after my first dog. I'm born + raised in Michigan.

Why did she start her business?

I was in corporate marketing + analytics for about 10 years and initially loved the hustle of the corporate life but eventually it started to wear on me. I found myself stressed + burnt out. I started making wedding crafts for friends and eventually started an Etsy shop "for fun". I did that part-time while working for almost 2 years until it generated enough money for me to quick (the scariest decision ever AT the time). Everything evolved from there.

Kiloh and Co is based out of Plymouth, Michigan + ship across the US!



Amanda's plans for the future

Just be happy! I haven't ever really been a future planner in that regard. And while I have business goals, I try to just focus on doing what makes me happy and the rest will follow!

Let's find out where Amanda gets her inspiration

I feel like my inspiration has evolved so much since the beginning! Now, I have specific collections I design for and they come out yearly. So I'm not starting from scratch as much as I am just refreshing and updating a collection. So I try to find new inspiration in general fashion trends, color trends, or just a random idea I may have. I really love our classic game day apparel because it's the reason I started doing apparel.

How you can shop all things Kiloh and Co.

We really focus on Michigan-based + game day goods, mostly apparel! But also have fun things such as tumblers, mugs, etc. We are always online at or you can check us out at one of our monthly pop-ups!

What Amanda has learned since starting her business

I could share sooo much! But I'll share two! 1) Follow what YOU want to do. Don't focus on what everyone else is doing. and this one is one I'm repeating to myself lately lol 2) Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. We can get caught up in saying "yes" to things we may not want to do or chasing things that ultimately won't be good for business or make you happy.


We can't get enough of the Kiloh and Co. products! All of the tees and crews are so stinking comfortable and cute! If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves out beautiful state, this is the place! Head on over to the Kiloh and Co. site to find out where you can shop her products next or order right on the site!

Check back next week for another awesome business highlight!


Follow Kiloh and Co.: @kilohandco

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