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Local Business Highlight: Ocean Jasper

Girl you deserve to treat yourself! This weeks feature is the perfect excuse to take a day just for you. A day full of self care and relaxation. Keep reading to find out how to make an appointment today!

 Ladies, don't forget to put yourself first. You need to love and care for yourself. Take time out of your busy schedule for a self care day every now and then. This weeks highlight is the perfect option for a day to pamper yourself. Let's get to know more about Ocean Jasper Wellness Spa.



Let's get to know more about Kaitlyn

I am a Mid-Michigan based traveling Henna Tattoo Artist, Makeup Artist, Nail Technician, Brow Specialist and Lash Artist. I am the Founder and Owner of Ocean Jasper Wellness Spa in downtown Bay City, Michigan. I started my career in the beauty and wellness industry in 2013 after attending Douglas J Aveda Institute in East Lansing where I studied Cosmetology with a cross-training in Esthiology. I have also taken a few Psychology, Philosophy and Art courses through SVSU and Delta College.


What did she start her business?

I have always had passions for creating art and helping others feel happy. This guided me to start my own business, Kaitlyn The Traveling Artist, and provide the services I offer now, which not only are targeted towards your physical beauty, but they also help enhance your inner well-being and happiness. After about 6 years of practicing my craft, traveling and working out of other businesses, I came to a point in my life where I needed a space to call my own. I wanted to offer the community more all-over beauty, health and wellness services that are relaxing, rejuvenating and therapeutic for your mind, body and soul. In 2019, the idea of Ocean Jasper Wellness Spa was born and in 2020 it was officially open to the public.


What services does Ocean Jasper offer?

Ocean Jasper Wellness Spa is based out of downtown Bay City, Michigan.
We offer massages, facials, reiki healings, shamanic journeys, shamanic cranial sacral therapy, henna tattoos, spa manicures, spa pedicures, full body waxing, airbrush makeup, eyelash extensions, eyelash lifts and tints, eyebrow shaping, tinting and laminations and more.

I personally offer henna tattoos, airbrush makeup, manicures, eyelash extensions and henna brow services. We love continuing our education so we update our service list often. We also offer different classes and workshops in spa including yoga, meditation, reiki circles, crystal workshops and more.

You can contact us on Instagram @oceanjasperwellness, on Facebook: Ocean Jasper Wellness Spa or give us a call at (989) 402-1372.


Kaitlyn's favorite part about owning her business

I absolutely love expressing myself creatively and the services I offer allow me to do so, especially when I hand paint nail designs and create henna designs. It is very therapeutic for me. But what really gets me is when I see someone light up during and after receiving my services. The way they stand a little taller, the smile that appears on their face they look in the mirror or even how much more calm and peaceful they get throughout the entire process.

I love seeing both the outer transformation and the transformation that happens within. Being able to offer others the chance to slow down, disconnect and be present is so rewarding. We all need a chance to just be and that is something that drives me to continue doing what I do.


Kaitlyn's advice to other entrepreneurs

Trust the process. I know this sounds so cliché, but it is so true. We live in a world driven by instant gratification so sometimes it is hard to see the bigger picture. When I started working in this industry 8 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing and there was even a point where I almost went back to school to do something else because I wasn't seeing instant results like I was hoping.



People see where I am right now in life but they don't see how it took me many years of making mistakes and learning from them to get to where I am today. Time is so essential for learning, growing and evolving and it just isn't something that happens over night. Don't be discouraged when something doesn't go according to plan, learn from the experiences and keep moving forward. Everything will work out exactly when it's supposed to.


Not only does Ocean Jasper offer so many awesome services, but it is so warm and welcoming inside. You won't ever want to leave! Kaitlyn and her team are amazing at what they do. Next time you're looking to pamper your self and have a little self care day, be sure to reach out to Ocean Jasper.

Check back next week for another highlight.


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