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Local Business Highlight: The Launch Hive

This weeks feature is an incredible business who helps create identity for brands. Or are you looking for an epic website for your business? If you are be sure to read this local highlight. Not only is this weeks feature incredible to work with, but also an amazing example of a boss babe who flipped careers to a job that now brings her joy everyday.

This weeks highlight is the perfect example of a boss babe who wasn't happy in her career, and took the leap into a job that would bring her joy everyday. Always remember, that it's never too late. If you aren't happy in your career, look beyond it. Ask yourself what it is that you want. Let's get to know Amanda and what she is now doing everyday.




Let's get to know Amanda

My name is Amanda and have been a Michigan native my whole life growing up in Warren and now living outside of Flint. I am a mom to a wonderful almost 6 year old and a wife for almost a year now. I met my husband on Bumble how fitting haha. I have an associated degree as a pharmacy technician and a bachelors degree in health administration, but after years of working in an office I new that I was meant for more.

Why did Amanda start the Launch Hive?

I wanted to be able to spend more time with my baby. I was tired of going to work and doing something that did not bring me joy. By the time I got home my daughter was almost ready for bed and we had no quality time together. I was feeling guilty as a mom and just not happy with life because I did not love my day to day. I wanted more freedom and to be able to do something that I loved to do every day.


What dreams does Amanda have for the future?

I hope to be able to give my daughter a life that she loves where she does not have to struggle, but knows the importance of hard work. I dream of being able to hire a few badass individuals to help me within the next 3 years so I can spend less time in my business but more time in the background and working on my business. I hope to retire one day with my husband and travel around the US in a rv that we remodeled.

What inspires her designs? Let's hear about her favorite project she's worked on to date.

I am always looking into what could be - I would like to call myself a creative visionary. I want my clients to stand out and have a unique edge that most people are scared of doing. We love to take risks and when our clients allow for us to take creative control pure magic happens. All of our designs are inspired by multiple different things like the clients goals, their ideal client, as well as brand style and personality. My favorite project that we just recently wrapped up is for my client Staci with Blushing Beauty Studio. We were able to develop a new brand and website for her


Let's learn more about the services The Launch Hive offers and how you can contact Amanda for inquiries. 

We offer custom branding and website development services for business owners who have been in business for 2 or more years, they have experience and understand the importance of branding and a website. Client can view our portfolio and contact us in regards to their project at

What is your favorite part of your business? or the most rewarding part?

The favorite part of my business is being able to see nothing turn into something so amazing. The visual transformations will always be my favorite, but not only that I love being able to see. our clients transform in front of us as well. From not being confident in their brand to feeling like the badass that they have always been. The most rewarding part is obviously when clients love
what we create for them and then why they refer us to others. That always means so much to us because client experience is everything.

What Amanda has learned since starting her business

I have learned that it’s not easy. Everyday there will be some sort of battle that you are facing rather that be internally or externally. Staying true to yourself is the most important thing when it comes to starting your own business. Don’t do things because others are doing them, they are trending, or because you are told to - do them because you want to.

We personally work with Amanda for graphics for our website and she is incredible to work with. She makes it so easy, and all of her designs are amazing! If you are looking to get any graphics, or need help with website development we recommend checking out the Launch Hive site. 


Follow the Launch Hive: @thelaunch_hive

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