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Meet the Maker | Entrepreneur: Olive and Indio

We’re so happy to be able to support local makers and small businesses. Lets get to know our next entrepreneur.
It's week four of getting to know the makers behind some of the products in the shop. We are fortunate to carry many locally made jewels. This week, we interviewed Jenelle, owner and founder of Olive and Indio.



Let's get to know Jenelle

I am from Michigan--born in Bay City and raised around Central and Mid-Michigan. I have a special place in my heart for the Sunrise Side of Michigan, since I grew up around Lake Huron. It's the greatest of the Great Lakes in my opinion! I'm also a mom and a full time master's level social worker. A couple fun facts, I love coffee and travel and have lived in several other countries.  The process I used for making my jewelry is called electroforming and it is such a fun and unique process that really creates a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Why she started Olive and Indio

Creativity runs deep in my family. My mom is very creative and I grew up going to arts and craft markets with her on weekends selling her floral arrangements. My sister is an amazing photographer. My husband is even an artist. I've always made creative things here and there, but never stuck to one medium. When I started making jewelry it just stuck and it was so much fun to make adornments for other people to enjoy. I also have an amazing grandmother who is an inspiring business woman. Between her and my mom (and even my dad, who owns a business too), they showed me what it's like to run a business no matter the size.


What inspires her designs

 I basically just make what I would want to wear or that could be worn every day. I'm inspired by nature and history and people. I love looking at old jewelry and the lines and designs or materials that were used. I'm also inspired by the gemstones I collect along the way. Each one is unique which inspires me to make each piece of jewelry unique to showcase the stones or minerals.


 Her favorite creations

My favorite pieces would probably be my multi-stone copper rings. Or the statement rings with really big stones. I love a good statement ring.


Products she sells

 You can find necklaces, earrings and rings on my website: I also make a huge assortment of brass and beaded earrings and necklaces. I love changing up my earrings so those are super fun for me to make!


Advice for other entrepreneurs
Go for it and take the risk!  But be ready for challenges and be open to learn from them.  Also, doing business taxes is awful so just hire someone else to do them! Ha!


A huge thanks to Jenelle for letting us get to know more about her and her business and carry her amazing jewels in the shop. We hope you enjoyed hearing about Olive and Indio. We are happy to carry this awesome line of jewelry here in the shop. Stop in to the shop and check out her rings.

Check back next week for our next Meet the Maker | Entrepreneur.

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