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Style Guide: Fall Family Photoshoots in Michigan

Family photo shoots are an incredible way create lasting memories that you and your loved ones can cherish forever. Choosing the right style for your family photo shoot sets the tone with you and the photographer. We love a Fall photoshoot outside in Michigan with the leaves, trees and gorgeous scenic views. It is the perfect backdrop behind your beautiful family! Dressing everyone in the family can be tough, so we are here to provide style tips for the whole family. Here is a style guide with 5 options to 

1. Casual Chic Style

Bring out your family's natural interactions and personalities with a casual chic style. Comfortable and coordinated outfits in colors that reflect your everyday style are a perfect option. Think jeans, neutral-toned tops, and accessories that compliment each family member's personality. Check out our selection of basic, versatile and neutral tops that will photograph well. You can also wear these again for many other occasions. 

2. Classic Elegance

If you're looking for timeless and sophisticated portraits, the classic elegance style is perfect. Choose outfits in neutral colors like blacks, whites, and grays, with touches of subtle patterns or textures. These photos work well in formal indoor settings with clean backgrounds. Our champagne toast collection is the perfect place to look for a dress, if you are going for a more upscale shoot. 

3. Playful Patterns: Inject a sense of fun and vibrancy into your family photo shoot with playful patterns. Mix and match outfits with bold prints, stripes, and colors that pop. This style is ideal for capturing energetic and dynamic moments, making it great for families with young children. Choose a location that matches the playful vibe, like a cider mill, woodsy area like Kensington, Bay City State Park or Ann Arbor. We love a candid photo and some leaf throwing fun!

4. Coordinated Colors: For a harmonious and visually pleasing look, go for coordinated colors. Select a color palette and stick to that for the whole family The key is to have variations of the chosen colors to create a cohesive look without being super matchy-matchy. This style works well in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors. A Fall color palette with jewel tones like rust, mustard, teal and purple are rich in color and go together so well with a gorgeous backdrop. 

It is such a daunting task to style, fit and organize a whole photo shoot for your entire family, so let us help you! Stop in to our Ferne Boutique Bay City or Ferne Boutique Ann Arbor, Michigan locations and ask one of our stylists to help you. We can work with you on color palettes, styles and where to go for the men and kids. 

If you're stuck for where to shop locally for kids clothing or men's clothing. Here are some local options:

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George Gregory in Detroit at 1422 Michigan Avenue - men's clothing, accessories and lifestyle goods for the journey ahead. 

Family Photo by: Eleven Creative Photography

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