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Ferne Styling Tips: How to Style a Simple Heel

A nude heel is possibly one of the most versatile items to have in your wardrobe. Yup, you read that right. They don't just need to pair with a dress for a wedding, they can be so much more than that. Let's take a look at how we style one of our nude heels.
Many of us are deterred to buy heels whether it's because we think they will be uncomfortable, we won't wear them enough, or it's not your thing. Well we're here to show you how you can style them for all aspects of your life. TBH I'm not a heel girl, but our heels at Ferne are so comfortable and I can actually walk in them. So do yourself a favor and try them out. I recommend buying at least one pair so you have the option.  Y'all are seriously underestimating the versatility of a nude heel. Let's see how we style the Raisie Vinyl Heel.

First up, we have a classic look that's a no brainer to style a heel with. This animal print midi skirt is loose and flowy and has a fun little slit. We styled it with this cropped blouse so it hits right at the waist of the skirt.  To finish it off we have these vinyl heels. They're neutral and chic. This is the perfect look for a champagne toast evening for your friends engagement, a networking event, or even date night. 

Next, we have a simple, laid back romper. It's perfect for a casual day, styled with a sandal or sneaker. But check this, it's also AMAZING with the vinyl heels. It takes what once was a casual style and transforms it into a chic and sassy night out look. You could easily throw on some dainty jewels and wear this to Sunday brunch with the girls. It looks like you tried to dress up, without even having to put in any effort.

Next, we styled this carefree and flowy mini dress. It's simple and easy to style for all the places you're going. The perfect sundress to throw on with a slide for running errands or grabbing coffee. We wanted to dress it up for the office. All we did was pair this simple heel with it for the perfect look. You're ready for your next big meeting! Feeling extra fierce, add a bold lip and gold hoops. 

Last, but not least style them for a night out with the girls! We have these simple heels paired with the cutest freakin mini skirt. To tie it together we layered this off white blazer. It's chic yet sexy. Under the blazer you could style one of our seamless tanks for the perfect head to toe look. you could always swap out the skirt for your favorite pair of jeans and the look would still be fire for a night out with the girls. Even for the bride for a bachelorette weekend away. 

As you can see, the Raisie Vinyl Heels are perfection. They pair perfectly with any outfit. If you're looking for a go-to heel for the office, night out, wedding season, or even brunch, this is it. Don't be afraid to style a heel, they're versatile and can elevate any look just enough.

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