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How to Style A Blazer for Work

A blazer is one of those staples that can elevate any work look. They are also great to style from day tonight. Here are a few tips to make you a pro at styling a blazer for work.

When it comes to dressing for work, a blazer is a versatile and classic wardrobe staple that can instantly elevate any outfit. Here are some tips on how to wear a blazer for work:

  1. Choose the right fit: The fit of your blazer is crucial. Make sure it fits properly in the shoulders, arms, and chest. You want to make sure your shoulders lineup, because you can really tell if a blazer is too small or too big just by looking at that area. It should also be tailored to your body shape. A well-fitting blazer will make you look polished and put-together. Yes, oversize blazers are in, but there’s a point where they can be too oversized. You don’t want to look like it’s swallowing you. If you want that oversize blazer look, but it appears too big, try sizing down and that may give you the feel you’re going for. The Baldwin Blazer is a great option for spring since it's lightweight, but it also has that relaxed fit without being too big.

  2. Pair with trousers or a skirt: For a classic work look, pair your blazer with trousers or a skirt. Choose a neutral color like black, gray, or navy for a timeless look. These options pair great with a fun printed trouser, like the Christine Watercolor Trousers, or skirt. If you want to add that pop of color, we have so many, fun options for spring: Kaira Blazer, Preco Luana Blazer, Kora Blazer, and the Taylor Blazer. Styling a blazer with a skirt can be really fun and trendy. We recommend pairing it with a bodysuit, or  something more fitted on top, that way it creates shape and a more proportioned look.

  3. Add a blouse or button-up shirt: Underneath your blazer, wear a blouse or button-up shirt. This will add a professional touch to your outfit. Make sure the color and style complement your blazer. Don't think it has to be a solid color, have fun with it! Add a bright floral or chic satin to elevate your look. The Paisley Satin Blouse is gorgeous! It's a beautiful champagne color with a subtle print. Tucking in the blouse will help give your look a crisp and chic look, while also showing your shape. An alternative to a classic button up would be a simple bodysuit, or fitted top. A few of our favorites include the Follow Your Bliss Top, The Cathy Knit Top, and the Georgette Blouse.

  4. Accessorize appropriately: Accessorize your blazer with a simple necklace, earrings, or a scarf. Avoid anything too flashy, you want to keep your look professional. You can add a fun, oversize hoop earring to give that statement you're looking for. Less is more when it comes to the workplace.

Overall, wearing a blazer to work is a great way to look polished and professional. Just make sure to choose the right fit and pair it with appropriate pieces to create a cohesive and stylish outfit. The best part, a blazer effortlessly transitions to happy hour after work!

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