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Local Business Highlight: PS I Love You Boutique

Hey mamas, this ones for you! This weeks feature will have your spoiling your little ones in no time! Keep reading to learn more about the unique children's clothing that this local business has to offer.

Supporting local as much as you can is the best feeling. You can shop for your little ones with this weeks feature. We interviewed Kristen, one of the owners of PS I Love You Boutique. Let's take a closer look at what she has to offer!



Let's get to know Kristen

Mom of two sweet girls, proud Michigander and lover of all things Detroit. I began my career in retail like most fashion lovers. After college I worked for companies like Gap, Inc. and Ralph Lauren Companies in various roles, from Human Resources, Marketing and New Store Development where I would go and open new locations or close existing locations. After the travel schedule got too grueling, I took my marketing skills combined with my retail experiences into product development, and retail sales planning creating private label products for the Automotive Industry and big box retailers such as Dollar Stores, Walmart, Target, Costco, and more!

Once I started having my children, I dived into a life of entrepreneurship working as a freelance marketing consultant and podcast producer. In the midst of the pandemic I had the time to truly evaluate what this next chapter of life would look like, and I knew that the time was NOW to fulfill a dream I have always had, which is to own my own retail store. Deciding to work in children's clothing was a "No brainer", my dear friend and business partner Lauren and I would spend hours chatting and searching for the perfect "outfits" for our little ones. Now we get to do what we already loved doing (for as long as our daughters will allow us) curating the perfect collections and scouring the globe for those special one of a kind pieces.


Why did Kristen and Lauren start their business?

 I (Kristen) had been chatting about the idea of opening a children's store for a couple years, long before the pandemic. I also have a dream of opening other types of retail stores as well, but for now we will focus on the children's boutique. I think what made me want to start my own business is the freedom, but not the freedom most people think. If I have learned anything in entrepreneurship it's that there is no "off time" ; it's 24 hours, I was searching for the freedom of doing things the way I wanted to do them.

In my career I always held leadership positions, even when I was in high school and held my first retail job I quickly became a team lead, but I always had ideas and "if it were my store. . . " moments. Even though I was great at voicing my opinions to make things better, I would always feel like I was giving away all my great ideas. So in some ways, this is me putting my money where my mouth is, literally, and I am sure several of my former bosses see it that way as well. 😂

How you can shop with PS I Love You Boutique + what type of products they carry

We are currently online only, and local pop up shop, popping up at local events and retailers. We strive to carry mostly organic high performance and quality children's basics and unique specialty pieces. You can shop our website and/or sign up for our emails to receive our pop up schedules as well as find us on instagram @p.s.iloveyouboutique. You can also find us in Cadillac Square as part of the Market Fridays!

What inspires the products they choose for their shop + some of their favorites

One of the things about children's clothes is it's not easy to find good quality clothing. And a lot of times, your kid is wearing the same $5 tee as 3 other kids in their playgroup or school. Also, kids are hard on their clothes. That same tee, as "cheap" as it was, may only hold up for two washes before you are back at the same store, grabbing milk and two more tees. We want to do the leg work for moms and find those quality pieces that will stick around in the wardrobe long after they have grown out of it.

Right now, I am really impressed with the brand colored organics which is the base of our PSILY Detroit line, Lauren and I have traveled together with our daughters and we have always struggled to find a tee shirt or sweatshirt to bring home to show where we've traveled. So creating the "Detroit" love line, we wanted our customers to get a high quality piece. Bohemian Babes are also one of my favorites. We carry their joggers and track shorties, they are so soft and wash up so nice, I seriously wish they made matching adult sets. When it comes to accessories, Livy Lou Collection scrunchies are my FAVORITE, and April the owner is another local mom who launched her shop around the same time we did, so its been a blast bonding with her.



Does Kristen + Lauren have any big plans for the future?

ABSOLUTELY, I am a dreamer by nature. Lauren and I work well together because I am the risk taker, and she is the realist who brings me back down to earth at times. I'm ready to go all in at any given moment risking it all and she hits me with the real real, and I pull her out of her comfort zone at times so we create the perfect little harmonious balance.

What Kristen has learned since starting her business 

I think the most obvious lesson at this stage of our business is that there will be lessons learned, it's not all going to be smooth sailing but it's sticking with it that turns dreams and goals into reality.

Kids clothes are the cutest. How do you not buy one of everything you see? PS I Love You Boutique offers unique children's clothing that will have them looking cuter than ever + comfortable. Next time you're looking for quality children's clothing for your little ones or a gift, be sure to head on over to their website.

Check back next week for a new blog series.


Follow PS I Love You Boutique: @p.s.iloveyouboutique

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