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Senior Photo Style Tips

Senior photos, are exciting and stressful! We see it first hand when styling customers in the store. It's important when selecting an outfit for your senior photos, to remmeber that it is about expressing your unique personality and celebrating this special moment in your life. 

Senior photos are an important milestone in one's life, and choosing the perfect outfit for these special portraits can be both exciting and challenging. Whether you prefer dresses, jackets, or have your own personal style, there are endless options available to make your senior photos perfect. In this blog post, we’ll share some ideas for outfits that will make you look and feel confident during your senior photo shoot.


Dresses are a popular choice for senior photos- they offer a timeless and elegant look that photographs beautifully.  Or you can pick a simple, easy maxi to throw on that looks perfect for beach photos! A solid white dress is a no brainer for this! It looks great for taking photos outdoors in warmer weather. If you're looking for a dress with a little movement to catch in the wind, the Love Awaits Midi would be amazing! Or if you're looking for something stunning, but a little more simple, the Malia Mini dress is calling your name! It's crochet construction is unique and sure to make a statement in your photos. Meanwhile, for cooler temperatures, a long-sleeved dress with a bold pattern or unique neckline can really make a statement. And, if you're looking to add a pop of color to your photos, a bright or pastel-hued dress can help you stand out from the scenery. Once you know your locations for photos and the time of year, you can make those big decisions! 


Jackets are another great option for senior photos. Adding that extra layer over your look, whether it's a jean jacket, cardigan, or blazer, it gives you something to werkkkkk with to use as a prop. Consider a vintage denim jacket, like the Kenny Shirt Jacket,  with your favorite band patches sewn onto the back layered over a basic tee with a pair of white or black denim. This is a fun way to show your personality. Even layer your varsity jacket over it to show all of your achievements! This choice will give you a laid-back look that is reminiscent of your time in high school. A blazer can also make a statement in a more formal setting. It's a classic staple that can elevate any look. The Andree or Cinema blazers are both simple, and can easily be layered over any outfit. If you're looking to showcase your talent in the band or choir, having a more formal look would create that whole experience through the photo.


Now, let's talk about personal style. The beauty of senior photo shoots is that they are all about you, so it's important to choose an outfit that really resonates with your individual fashion sense. I know it's hard, parents tend to want you to wear what they pick for you, but be sure you feel beautiful and confident in it, because that's what matters. If you're a lover of timeless vintage fashion, channel that aesthetic by wearing a flowy, subtle floral maxi dress or a high-waisted skirt with a tucked-in blouse. Meanwhile, if you are an edgy trend setter, consider pairing ripped jeans with a graphic tee or leather trousers with a bodysuit. Showing up in something that truly reflects your personality will help you feel your best on camera, and that energy will be reflected in your images.


In conclusion, selecting an outfit for your senior photos is about expressing your unique personality and celebrating this special moment in your life. Choose a dress or jacket that empowers you and your style, and have fun experimenting with different styles. Ultimately, the most important element of your senior photo outfit is feeling confident and authentic in your personal expression, allowing your personality to shine through. Whether you choose a flowy maxi dress or a rocker-inspired moto jacket, your senior photos will be absolutely stunning!

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