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Local Business Highlight: Karlee's Kupcakes

Warning: this post will have you craving all the sweets! You're going to love to see the amazing work of this weeks feature. What are you waiting for?! Click to start reading!

 This weeks feature will have you drooling. If you're looking for a dessert for a wedding, birthday, or just because Karlee is your girl! Let's learn all about Karlee's Kupcakes and how you can place an order.


Let's get to know about Karlee

My name is Karlee and I am an Aussie living in Detroit, Michigan with my American husband! I am 32 and I own and run Karlee’s Kupcakes and have done so since 2012.



Why did Karlee start her business

I started my business as a bit of a hobby and side project outside of work. I was working as an anti money laundering/counter terrorism analyst in the private sector, so that took a toll on my brain but I loved the job! I’ve officially had my business since 2013 but started a few years earlier just from watching YouTube videos and buying random tools and equipment to try!

So right now I am focusing mainly on content creation and virtual classes from home which have been a huge hit throughout the last 12 months, but I also do custom cakes and desserts when I have the time!



Let's find out what's the most rewarding part of Karlee's job

That’s a tough one - I do love making wedding cakes especially since getting married myself in 2019. I would have to say the relationships I have built with my clients and brands I’ve been so fortunate enough to work with - including the awesome team at Ferne of course!! I’ve also loved challenging myself on the business and social media side as it is very much learn as you go!



What baked goods does Karlee offer and how you can order

So for the most part I do cakes, cupcakes, donuts, macarons, cookies and cakesicles, but I’m always down to try new things for sure! You can place orders through her website, on the inquiries page or by email



What Karlee has learned since starting her business

I’ve learned definitely to trust my gut as well as finding a good reliable mentor, which was a huge benefit to me and I think anyone that owns a business needs one! My best piece of advice would be to not lose focus on why you started your business in the first place and to be able to ask yourself frequently enough if you’re happy! Why bother if you aren’t happy.


How amazing are all of the baked goods featured in this blog? We cannot stop staring. Not only are the beautiful, but they're delicious! If you didn't have a sweet tooth before reading this, I'm sure you do now haha! We loved learning more about Karlee, and her business.

Check back next week for the next business highlight.


Follow Karlee: @karleeskupcakes

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