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Local Business Highlight: Six + Cypress Boutique

Spring has officially sprung. That means it's time to refresh your wardrobe with all the bright colors and floral prints. That makes it the perfect time to feature one of our favorite boutiques!

This weeks blog post is featuring a boss babe who is originally from Mid-Michigan, but is now fulfilling her dreams in the surrounding states. We interviewed Kasey, owner of Six + Cypress Boutique. She is an inspiration, a go-getter, and all around incredible human. We hope you enjoy learning more about her and her business.



Let's get to know more about Kasey

My name is Kasey Hoag. I was born and raised in Mid- Michigan, shortly after college I moved to Chicago where I started my career with Ford Motor Company. After 12 years of a lot of traveling, a husband, and four beautiful daughters I decided to make a change and started an online boutique. I love the beach, dogs, Summer, camping, Tito's, and margaritas (oh, and am a die hard Britney fan).


Why did Kasey start Six + Cypress?

When I left the corporate automotive world I knew I still wanted to do something, and frankly needed to for my family as well. I have always had a love for clothes and have a blast helping / meeting new people so creating a boutique seemed like the right path for me. Six + Cypress is has two brick and mortar locations, one in  Batavia, IL & Valparaiso, IN and online:


What type of products can you find at Six + Cypress?

Six + Cypress Boutique carries everyday women's fashion featuring on trend pieces, and accessories. We love to create looks that can go from day to night as well as offer comfortable clothing you feel confident running around in for your day to day activities.


What inspires the products Kasey chooses for the shop?

I love to bring in pieces that have the ability to look good on all body types, and items that can serve multiple purposes. Of course I add seasonal fashion trends as well. As for accessories, if I can, I support locally owned women artisans where I can. I love to be able to provide a place that women can flourish. Some of my favorite lines are Kori America, ee:some, and Hailey & Co. I also LOVE to carry fun witty graphic hoodies that speak my personal language. Like Day Drinker & Kind of Classy Kind of Hood).


Let's find out what the most rewarding part of owning Six + Cypress is for Kasey

Ahhh so much! Being part of amazing communities both locally and professionally alongside with other business owners is definitely my number one. The most rewarding part of my business is seeing women leave my store feeling confident in their purchases and allowing their outer beauty to mirror their inner beauty.



What Kasey has learned since starting her business

Everyday I learn something new. BUT the number one lesson is that each day is unique, do not expect the same two days, ever! Advice. There will be many high's and many lows.. learn to accept them and keep pushing on. Being a small business owner is an extremely tough job, things won't always be easy, but if you are truly passionate about what you have created the high's outweigh the lows over and over again.


Is it just me, or do you want to run right now to the Six + Cypress site and treat yourself to one of the looks featured in the blog? We are so grateful to know Kasey and be able to share her story with you all. 

Check back next week for another business highlight. Hint: your mouth will be watering.


Follow Six + Cypress: @sixpluscypress

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