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Local Business Highlight: Selena Ashley Designs

Looking for all the good vibes and motivational quotes? You'll love this weeks feature! If you've ever been to Ferne in Bay City you have seen work from this amazing boss babe.

Do you ever just look at wall art, murals, or anything artistic and just think damn that person is talented? Like how did they do that? Well that is exactly how this weeks feature makes us feel. All of her work is stunning and so unique. We interviewed Selena, owner and creator behind Selena Ashley Designs. We're so lucky to know this beautiful soul.

Let's get to know Selena 

I'm a graphic designer and hand-letterer. As a child I was always interested in art. I was painting murals on my walls or patching up my clothes for creative looks. I always knew in college I would go into art, and I always had wonderful friends and family to support me.


Why did she start her business?

Starting a business was on my bucket list. People would ask me for art projects all the time, so one day I registered an LLC. I was already a graphic designer, but while I was getting married in 2014, I started hand-lettering all the things -- and in 2015 on New Years I started a 365 day challenge on Instagram for myself - my business just bloomed from there.

I'm located in Bay City. You can always find me on or Instagram and Facebook.

What big plans does Selena have for the future? 

Learning Reels. I'm terrible at video, but attempting to try. I'd also like to develop my wholesale brand. I'd like to create more inspirational stickers and would love to get into inspirational cards.


Let's find out what inspires Selena's designs

I love visiting art museums or visiting gardens. I love florals - just having plants around. I love murals. I love jumping out of the vehicle and taking images of my favorite quote at beautiful walls.

What is Selena's favorite project?

I don't really have a favorite - I love lettering quotes that inspire me, but what I love more is when my followers tell me how they are resonating with that quote. We all have ups and downs - so it is nice to feel connected to people through art.

What products Selena sells and how you can shop them

I sell shirts, prints and stickers. I also design custom art such as hand-painted canvases, watercolors, globes, ornaments, graduation cap and murals. You can find my products on


Advice for other entrepreneurs

Learn to rest. It's really easy to overwork yourself because you are excited and don't want to disappoint others. Even if you may love something, you can suffer burn out, so take care of yourself.


We just love Selena! She is so talented and spreads all the good vibes with her work. Check out her site and treat yourself to one of her super cozy sweatshirts and a few stickers to add to your planner! We're so grateful to know this amazing woman!

Check back next week for another highlight.


Follow Selena: @selenaashley_designs

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