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Local Business Highlight: Simply Curated

Do you love candles? We sure do! Especially when they're made right here in Michigan. Let's get to know more about this local business.

Another week calls for another amazing Michigan based business. We're lucky to be surrounded by so many entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Mitten state. This week is for all you candle lovers. Let's get to know Sarah and her business, Simply Curated.



Let's get to know more about Sarah

I'm originally from NYC. I love interior design, flowers, and tiny jewelry. I went to school for photography and marketing. After college I started working in social media in New York City for a few startups, then eventually spent two years as a social media manager at AOL. I started Simply Curated while I was still working at AOL as a vintage home decor business, I was in love with finding and curating special objects for people's homes.


Why did Sarah start Simply Curated

I started making candles when I discovered vintage barware and fell in love with the beautiful patterns on the glass. I wanted a way to highlight the patterns and use the glassware as decor, and making candles in them was the perfect thing. It didn't damage the glass and then you could use it as barware again once your candle was finished.

The funny part is, I didn't like scented candles. I was very sensitive to fragrance, and most candles would instantly give me a headache. So, the first candles I made were unscented! But no one bought them. It turned out that people didn't want decorative unscented candles. So I started to research what was in candle fragrances and why they were giving me such trouble. That's when I learned all about phthalates and parabens and how bad for you they are. So I set out to find fragrances that didn't contain harmful chemicals and that I enjoyed. After lots of smelling and testing, I had our first 4 fragrances. Simply Curated is based out of Grand Rapids, MI.


What inspires Sarah and the candle scents?

I'm very inspired by design, in all aspects. I'm a very visual person, so often when starting product development, it's the visual inspiration that comes first. For fragrances, I think about how I want them to make me feel. Then I pull inspiration from my favorite places or favorite activities. For example, we have two new scents coming out in April, one of them is called Sweet Pea + Dandelion. It reminds me not just of sweet peas (which are one of my favorite flowers) but of digging in a spring garden, that earthiness mixed with the sweetness.

How you can shop Simply Curated products

We sell 100% soy candles with crackling wooden wicks. We also sell Reed Diffusers. You can shop them of course at Ferne and also on our website



A little advice from Sarah

My biggest piece of advice would be to not compare your journey to anyone else's. Social media makes it all too easy to compare yourself or your business and that's not healthy in my experience.


Not only do we love Michigan made products, but we really love some amazing smells! The Simply Curated candles all have the most wonderful smells that will have everyone asking about it as soon as they walk in the door. And don't even get us started on the packaging. These candles are all around a MUST!

Check back next week for another talented entrepreneur with an awesome business.


Follow Simply Curated: @simplycurated

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