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Local Business Highlight: The Butterfly Effect

Do you love handmade jewelry? Or gorgeous, statement earrings? If you do you'll love this weeks feature. The boss babe behind these jewels is so talented and creates stunning pieces. Let's take a closer look at The Butterfly Effect!

Nothing beats a good statement earring, especially when they're handmade. This weeks post features a talented young lady who creates, one of a kind jewels right in her home. If you haven't heard of The Butterfly Effect, you're missing out! 


Let's get to know Alexis

My name is Alexis! I am 24 years old. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 4 years now and have always considered myself more artsy. I took every art class offered at my highschool and took multiple art college courses as well. I am someone who loves to stay busy and has a hard time sitting still. That's why I love this little business of mine!



Why did Alexis start her business?

I started my business back in October of 2019. I was working and going to school full time and had no free time to do what I wanted. I was so stressed and I remember telling my roommate that I wish I could create art for a living. It's always been a dream of mine. I also desperately needed a creative outlet.

I picked up clay one day and started creating. When I posted about it, a lot of my friends were telling me to make an Etsy so I did just that. When the pandemic hit, I was out of a job. This is when my business really took off. I was able to give it a lot more time and attention. What started as a hobby quickly turned into much more and I am so proud to say that it is now my full time job!

My business is based out of my apartment! I have a studio set up and spend the majority of my days in there!

Big plans and dreams for the future

I often dream about opening my own storefront for The Butterfly Effect. I think it would be so fun to be able to combine a studio space with a retail space and offer a variety of my own creations along with workshops.



What inspires Alexis's work

Majority of my family are entrepreneurs so they have all been a big part of my inspiration. Nothing is better than building something and calling it yours. I also take a lot of creative inspiration from the outdoors. My pieces involve a lot of plants, crystals and butterflies.



What products does the Butterfly Effect sell?

I sell clay earrings! They are all handcrafted. I roll out the clay, cut, bake, sand, drill and assemble them all on my own! You can find my products on my website. ( They are also available in a few small businesses and I have that list on my website under "policies and wholesale."



What Alexis has learned since starting her business?

Since starting my business, I have learned how important it is to be genuine. I overly share on my social media, but I think it's necessary to show the good, bad and the ugly. I think people like to see the face behind the business! By doing this, I have made some of the best friendships!


Seriously, how stunning are The Butterfly Effect earrings?! Alexis has an eye for creating these one of a kind gorgeous jewels.  She puts countless hours of work into each pair, and it shows.  If you're looking for the perfect earring to style for everyday or even a wedding, head on over to her site and treat yourself. 

Check back next week for our next feature.


Follow The Butterfly Effect: @the.butterfly.effect_

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