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Assorted Gifts

A unique selection of items to gift your BFF. From stickers, keychains to euchre blocks.

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  1. Wine Wash Co. Biodegradable Dish Cloth
  2. You Can Do It Sticker
  3. Karma Checker Sticker
  4. Bae City Sticker
  5. Ann Arbor Heart Sticker
  6. Ann Arbor Flower Sticker
  7. Ann Arbor Hotel Key Chain
  8. Scrubbly™ Kitchen Sponge
  9. Wine Wash® Dishwasher Attachment
  10. Reusable Cleaning (& Drinking) Gloves
  11. Beautiful Suspect Candle - Essence of Santal
  12. Tropical Swoon Candle - Essence of Pomelo
  13. Simply Exquisite Candle - Essence of Citrus Grove
  14. Eternally Fierce Candle - Essence of Midnight Rose
  15. Wild Gorgeous Candle - Essence of Orange Blossom
  16. Iconic Bitch Candle - Essence of Night Blooms
  17. Floral Design Sticker
  18. Detroit Pastel Sticker
  19. WMN RLE Sticker
  20. Let's Go Girls Sticker
  21. Emotional Support Wine Coffee Mug
  22. F-ing Delightful Coffee Mug